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Stretch Tents are a new design of marquee tents that are growing in popularity across the UK.  They offer a stunning free flow design and are flexible and able to fit into any space, in any shape that you require.  Stretch Tents are based on the classic Bedouin tents of North Africa but are much more versatile and are a perfect combination of luxury and functionality.
IMG 0826In terms of aesthetics, Stretch Tents are ideally suited for all environments and look perfect set up in any setting.
IMG 0571We offer an stretch tent without interiors allowing you to decorate the tent in your own style or we can dress as a chillout space for your guests to lounge about in!
images-6IMG 0829They are quick to assemble and can be erected over any surface. The tents can be configured with sides up or down...great on hot summer days to have all the sides up..this allows free airflow straight through the tent, but if the weather is looking like it may bring some rain or wind the sides of the tent can be pulled down. We also supply windows and a door incase you prefer to have the tent sealed from the elements completely.

We now have a wonderful 15 x 12m stretch tent that can be hired out as a fabulous chillout space with coconut matting, futon mattresses, colourful throws, rugs, low tables, cushions, fairy lights and lamps.
This tent is perfect to relax and chillout in.  It seats around 90 people and stands around 120 people.

The cost to hire our stretch tent decorated as a chillout area using an Indian/moroccan theme which includes coconut matt flooring, colourful rugs, low tables, futon mattresses, throws, cushions, fairy lights, lamps and bunting making it perfect to lie back and relax is £2000.00.

Our stretch tent can also be rented with no decoration inside.  The cost to hire is £1500.00. (Flooring not included).
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We have a team of 16 dedicated lads travelling across the country everyday delivering your tents with a 

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