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Festival Events


There is nothing that screams ‘festival’ more than our stunning Bell Tents. Take your festival to the next level and let the festival goers truly experience the outdoors by ending the night in a Bell Tent under the stars. Then they can wake up to the peaceful sounds of nature the next morning. It really will be the perfect companion to your festival. From start to finish, our in-house creative team will work with you on furnishing the Bell Tents to the desired look and feel for your festival. Whether your festival is Boho vibes, or more minimalistic, we can do it all.

We are experienced in supplying our Bell Tents to both big scale festivals, and more intimate sized festivals. Why not contact us using the Contact Page and one of our expert team will get back to you.



Tent Size (Meters)
8m furnished
£750.00 (VAT inc)
7m furnished
£500.00 (VAT inc)
6m furnished
£300.00 (VAT inc)
5m furnished
£240.00 (VAT inc)
4m furnished
£190.00 (VAT inc)

Superstars Bell Tent Hire offer the perfect opportunity for you to sleep outdoors under the stars. Our team will arrive on site, ready to make your stay the best it can be. We even furnish your tent for you, adding that beautiful final touch to make it extra special. We can set up an off-grid Bell Tent village for any event, whether it be for one tent, or hundreds of tents, leave it to us! We hold over 500 Bell Tents in our stock, and we are ready to set up an unforgettable experience for you. Please browse our range of beautiful furnished or un-furnished Bell Tents and Tipis. If you need any help, please do get in contact with us via the Contact page.

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